Lynne's yodelling story


Lynne's yodelling adventure continues...

Lynne's yodelling has taken some wonderful twists and turns lately including being invited on to Room 101 (presented by Frank Skinner) recording for the new series in January 2015, BBC Radio Five Live, BBC Radio Wales and appearing live on Breakfast TV teaching Naga and Charlie to yodel! Fun times indeed. Mid November sees Lynne jetting off to Barcelona to yodel and an Oktoberfest themed trade fair and then further TV appearances (to be announced soon) during December.

More yodelling workshops for the public sector will be available soon and yodelling team building workshops for the Corporate sector are available - a fun and unique way to bring people together. Dates of workshops will be posted soon.

Watch this space for further updates meanwhile have fun watching Lynne's very fun and slapstick Christmas video which accompanies her deliberately cheesy and fun A Yodelling Christmas song featuring her wonderful son George Campbell!

The song is available on iTunes

A closet yodeller up until 2007 I honed my craft behind closed doors, in the bath, in the car in fact anywhere where people could not hear me until I thought I had got it and that I sounded like I was yodelling and not making some horrible howling noise.

Then, one day I 'came out'. It was at a gig one night where I was performing as a solo artist and everyone was having a great time and a little drunk so I thought it was the perfect time to try it out. To my surprise it went down an absolute storm and I have had lots of fun with my yodelling ever since.

My yodelling has taken me on an amazing journey. Just recently a New Zealand Games company Pik Pok asked me if I would do some session yodelling on one of their games called 'Giant Boulder of Death' which has just been released by Universal. On it I had to do the wackiest yodelling possible which is very funny and extremely bizarre.

In the last couple of years I have also had the privilege of yodelling with the International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common of which both my son and I are a member and when the club played Cornbury Festival in 2012 'Taught Me To Yodel' was chosen to be on the Live Recorded CD.

Not only did I have the pleasure of yodelling at Cornbury Festival but I have had the very great honour of twice accompanying Mr Joe Brown MBE on the song 'In The Jailhouse Now' at two of the International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common's concerts.

Christmas 2012 saw the release of my 'A Yodeling Christmas Song'. I uploaded it to BBC Introducing and was bowled over when not only did BBC Radio Berkshire and BBC Radio Oxfordshire play it but Tom Robinson from BBC Radio 6 played it! This year I will be re-releasing it with a video to go with it too. Here's what Tom Robinson had to say about it in his blog:

"For this mixtape, I had to listen - with gritted teeth - to every single track uploaded to BBC Introducing in the last three months that had "Christmas" in the title. Imagine! And yet buried in that vast sugary snowdrift of clichéd sleighbells and schlock sentimentality, there were nineteen gems that I actually liked very much. Some of them funny, some cynical, some genuinely affecting… and some so silly and strange they were simply irresistible. Yes, Lynne Butler with your Yodelling Christmas Song, I'm talking about you".

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